Monday, June 12, 2017

SOAP, Restful web services with CXF, Web UI with Vaadin and Spring Framework

This is a simple project to integrate CXF and Vaadin 8 to Spring Framework. Here, we reuse previous project  and just to add more Vaadin into the project to support web UI.

We need update the maven POM file to use "vaadin-spring" library which supports to integrate Vaadin into Spring framework. And the important here that we need to change a bit on web.xml. Ensure that there is no mapping conflict  beetwen  CXF and Vaadin servlets. The mapping for CXF servlet to change as below:

The mapping for Vaadin servlet to be done by the annotation "WebServlet" in file
Also we need to add a new directory "VAADIN" to webapp which keeps the static resources for Vaadin. Resources in VAADIN directory is extrct from Vaadin jars as "vaadin-server", "vaadin-client-compiled",...

Also, a new package "vaadin.view" is created for Vaadin. 

To show the web ui, access to URL:
To show the web services, access to URL:

Source code in Github.

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Durante said...

I have used vaadin7 and gwt. This post gave me some more knowledge. Thank you for posting.