Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Porting Android OS on SAM9-L9260 Board

Le Trung Thang 2011

(This page is to response to an open-source project is kicked off by Olimex at:

After about 21 days waiting for, finally, i received the Olimex SAM9-L9260 Board too :)). So now, let's go to the Android OS world.
Linux file system structure. Source:
In Linux OS, Process and Thread are same. Conversely, in Windows OS or Sun Solari OS, Process and Thread are explicit difference

Olimex SAM9-L9260 Board in my desk ( Vietnam 2011 ^-^) ).

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[1/1/2013] Give up Yocto project, it took me very much time. A wrong way!
Using Fedora OS

1. Download and install Git
In Terminal, input: yum install git-core  to install Git.
2. Download Linux kernel
In Terminal, input: git clone git:// to download stable version of kernel.

Fig. 1 Download Linux kernel

After downloaded, Kernel will be stored in folder linux-stable of Home directory.


Doan Minh Dang said...

Hi Thang,

Since you were at the first entry that got Olimex support for open projects, and the title of your project sounds interesting, I'm curious about the progress of the project. Have you made any steps so far?

Lê Trung Thắng said...

Hi Dang,

It's in progressing. i only work in this project during of free time.

Powerpoint Templates said...

Well done with the post!